Christmas Story

Today i will need all of you guys to help me out with some ideas for my very first story. This story is going to be all Christmas related, I need 3 characters, 2 places, a problem, and a solution. The typical things you need for a story. So leave your ideas below and let your imagination run wild.


The Dancer’s Insparation

When I was 3 my cousin was a dancer at this really good studio and my mom was a dancer when she was a kid so my mom wanted me to take up dancing and give it a try and here I am 8 years later and I’m still dancing my heart out. I had an insparation and you should to. Tell me who inspired you to start dancing I want to hear everything and make sure to tell your friends about me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz. If you can’t think of what to say than i want you to tell me what makes dancing so much fun for you and what it means to you. The meaning of dance for me is to have fun I mean who wants to get forced to do something that they don’t want to. So leave your comments below and tell me who your insparation is and what does dance mean to you.

Christmas Ideas

I loved this idea and wanted to share it with you.

Step 1: Take a clipping from your christmas tree about 2″ long

Step 2: Decorate the mini tree with little balls and other things you can find around your house

Step 3: Put your tree into a little bowl and enjoy as you now have your own little Xmas tree.


rissa2891: Good Luck edoll123

My friend rissa2891 wrote this on her blog so I thought I might re-post it on my blog because it really made me tear up…………………………..

My friend edoll123 is going to audition for NBS ( National Ballet School of Canada) if she gets exepted she will live at the school for 6 years and might go on tour. I’d be really happy for her if she gets accepted but I will really miss her. We are BFFL’s. Today she wrote on a peice of paper;



That made me tear up. Me, edoll123 and Nation are blogger buddies, best friends FOR LIFE, FOR ALL ETERNITY. We will all accept what we have to do and will help eachother through everything. We are true best friends and no matter where we end up, we will we will still be best friends.

rissa2891 + edoll123 + nationblogs = BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The New Side to a Dancer!!!!!!!

Everybody thinks that a ballerina is the poised type who always gets straight A’s and always sits in the back of the class so she doesn’t get noticed. But then she straps on her ballet shoes and it’s like the sun has just met the earth like Brad has just met Angelina and she dances like nobodys watching. I know that she has a dream just like me and I know that you guys have a dream too. Leave your comments below and tell me what your dream is……..

It’s Christmas!!!!!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year it’s Christmas and I want those old family traditions………

I want you guys to leave comments below and tell me why you love Christmas and how you and your family celebrate…………

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello World!

Hello girls and the occasional boys. My name is EDoll and I have been a dancer from the age of three and I am currently in the process of auditioning for The National Ballet School (NBS). In this blog I will tell all things about my lifestyle and I love to write stories so I will be sharing all my new stories because beside being a dancer I would like to be writer. l am very excited. I will need you guys to help me through the thick and thin moments and I will always be here to help you guys with your problems dance related or not!!!!! Thanks for all the support and wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!